Holiday Help

Holiday Gift DriveThanksgiving and Christmas are challenging times for people with limited resources. Our Walk-In Centers and our residential programs all have Thanksgiving programs. Your donations of food and funds help ensure that EVERYONE enjoys a full plate on Thanksgiving.

Christmas presents different challenges for parents feeling inadequate and teens feeling alone. FAMILY’S shelters are often full during the holiday season, and your contributions are deeply appreciated by our residents.

Consider this description from a staff member at FAMILY House, our adolescent emergency shelter:

“Some of our teens have just been discharged from hospitals, and their families are not prepared to take them home. Others are estranged from their families and we are working with them to reunite. The most heartbreaking is on Christmas Day when most of the kids go home, at least for the day. There are always two or three left at FAMILY House and it is the same at MidWay.”

It is hard to imagine how important it is for people to feel cared about at holiday time or how deeply appreciated your gifts are. One Darmstadt resident, who is struggling with addiction and was homeless on a recent Christmas, was eloquent on the subject:

It was amazing! They really made you feel like you were worth something. The staff took the time to choose for each individual client. People got wallets, new hats, and alarm clocks. There were manicure sets, lotions, and razors. It was mostly useful, but it was nice to get a few things that were just gifts. They helped me get presents for my kids, too. If you are working hard to pull yourself up, thoughtful gifts really give you emotional support.”

If you’d like to personalize your shopping by adopting a FAMILY or a teen, or by donating funds for shopping, call your local FAMILY Walk-In Center or our Administrative offices at (845) 331-7080. We’ll give you the ages, sizes, and interests of people you can shop for.

Put a lot more LOVE into everybody’s Holiday through FAMILY!

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