Midway of Ellenville

Midway II, Ellenville
Midway II, Ellenville

3 Warren Street
Ellenville, NY 12428

(845) 647-1346

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Staff:  5 full-time / 1 part-time
One full-time staff member who works in both houses

Program Director: Jen Pineda
Assistant Program Director: Jessica Ropke

Program Hours: Each site is staffed 24 hours a day

PRIMARY FUNCTION: A supervised transitional living program for up to 18 months for adolescents 16-21 who are homeless and not yet prepared to function independently, and, as necessary, their infants. Youth who enter the program at age 16 can stay up to 24 months in order to complete their high school education.

ANCILLARY SERVICES: Crisis intervention; individual and family counseling; educational support; life skills training; job preparedness instruction; vocational and employment assistance; parenting instruction; assistance with locating permanent housing; as well as after care.

In 2019, the program continued to see youth pursuing higher education, attaining full-time employment, and moving into independent living situations at an increasingly higher rate. Some youth this year became first time car owners, which came with additional opportunities to support youth with money management, wise decision-making, safety issues, and future planning. As youth transitioned toward adulthood, program staff allowed for setbacks, mistakes, and the ability to re-visit goal objectives as a way for youth to learn how to grow from their experiences, reflect on their needs and wants, and then proceed mindfully toward their desired outcomes.

Toward the end of the year, the program received funding from the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation to hire one full-time Aftercare worker to serve both MidWays. This worker will be able to build trusting relationships with the MidWay residents in both households while they are living in the program, and then continue to provide case management services after they move into their next living situations. Many youth already remain connected to MidWay staff after discharge, and will often come back to the houses and meet with the staff for continued support with decision-making, money management, employment needs, etc. While the program has always provided this support, it is exciting to have one full-time worker who can devote their time and attention to these youth, and set on-going goals with them that support their independent living situations. The program will hire this worker in January of 2020.