Make a Difference Day-June-09-502Family’s staff are actively involved in a number of community collaboratives across the county, including: the Wawarsing Council; the Ellenville Partnership; the Greater New Paltz Community Partnership; and until recently, the Saugerties collaborative SAGE, which unfortunately discontinued operations due to lack of community involvement and funding. Agency staff have provided a leadership role in the food insecurity collaborative which is addressing the availability of nutritious foods to be distributed by the network of food pantries throughout the county. The agency received a grant of $35,000 from the Community Foundation of the Hudson Valley to address food insecurity issues throughout the county. Family is also active in the emergency disaster coalition led by the United Way and Red Cross and is currently leading the food subcommittee. The agency, through its Kingston Cares collaborative, is working with Kingston Parks and Recreation to provide summer and after school programming at the Everette Hodge Community Center in Midtown Kingston. Agency staff are also actively involved in the Health Home collaborative, under the leadership of the Institute for Family Health, and agency leadership sit on the advisory board for that health initiative. Finally, Family continues to be extremely active in the delivery of services to homeless individuals and families and participates in the coordination of these services through the Ulster County Continuum of Care HUD collaboration.

What YOU can do!


  • Spend quality time with your kids
  • Focus on skill-building with your kids
  • Give your kids recognition when they do something right or well
  • Do a community service project together (need suggestions, call us!)


  • Implement Keg registrations
  • Enforce minimum purchasing age laws


  • Institute Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Sponsor substance use/abuse and prevention workshops for parents who are employed by your company
  • Implement family-friendly work hours


  • Implement prevention programs in the elementary, middle, and high schools
  • Review and change Policies & Student Handbooks & By–Laws toward prevention initiatives
  • Increase Student Assistance Counselors available to youth


  • Offer pre-marital counseling addressing tough issues
  • Sponsor a parenting program
  • Involve your youth groups in community service activities