Parenting Workshops

The following workshops/resources may be available to parents who would like to enhance their family life by developing healthy relationships with their children:

Mental Health Association Parents 845-336-4747 Classes Vary Support for parent’s w/children w/social, emotional, behavioral, developmental disorder/ learning disabilities/ Autism
Mom & Dad’s Support Group Parents Health Alliance 845-331-3131 Classes Vary Support & resources for parents
Maternal Infant Services Network Women & family Online Preventative & Primary health care/ social, nutritional & educational services
At Home Dad Fathers Online Ask Questions and give advice
Institute for Family Health Fathers Kingston 845-339-8551/ Ellenville 845-647-7743 Online/ Classes Vary Fatherhood support
Jewish Family Services Grandparents 845-338-3990 Classes Vary Parenting a second time around/ Stress reduction
RAPP (Relatives as Parents Program) Grandparents/ Relatives Classes Vary Parenting a second time around/ Stress reduction
The Pregnancy Support Center Pregnant Families Saugerties 845-246-5445/ New Paltz 845-255-8242/ Columbia Cnty 518-822-9008 Call for appointment Confidential counseling & support
Institute for Family Health Pregnant Families/ Parents 800-811-3914 Call to sign up for program Support, encourage, help build strengths as parents
Mom’s Mentoring Program New Mothers Pregnancy Support Centers New Paltz 845-255-8242/ Kingston 845-340-7355 Classes Vary Support for new moms educating about baby care
Planned Parenthood of Mid Hudson Valley Parents/ Grandparents Kingston 845-338-0840 Classes Vary Parenting workshops and resources
Adoption Support Group Adoptive Parents Kingston Abbot House 845-457-5030 x3522 Classes Vary Support for in process adoptive parents
Breast Feeding Positive/ Cyber Bullying/ B.I.R.T.H.E. (Pregnant Teens)/ Puberty, Mother’s & Daughters Rose Woman’s Care Center 845-691-7984/ Classes Vary Support & resources for breast feeding mothers/ Prevention & resources for cyber bullying/ Support & resources for pregnant Teens/ Support & resources for mothers & adolescent daughters
Breast Feeding Support Group Breast Feeding Mothers La Leche League of Ulster Cnty 845-255-1055 or 845-255-8401/ Classes Vary Support & resources fro breast feeding mothers
Child Passenger Safety Program Parents/ Grandparents/ Relatives Mid Hudson Health & Safety- UCCC 845-687-5014/ Classes Vary Classes Vary Educates, refers & distributes car seats and teen driver safety
YWCA Parenting Center/ Teen Parent Services Parents & Relatives/ Teen Parents 845-338-6844 Classes Vary Positive parenting skills & attitudes/ Teen parent services & continuing education
Growing Up Healthy Parents/ Grandparents/ Relatives 800-522-5006 Hotline Full range of healthy living for families


For more information contact: Pastor Jordan @ (828) 808-4535

CHILDREN’S GRIEF SUPPORT PROGRAMS (For School age children who have lost a family member and are experiencing grief)
For more information and to register call: (845) 338-5397 ext. 2209

For more information call: (845) 458-7456

For more information contact: Linda Von Knoblauch (845) 338-6844 ext. 117