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Family of Woodstock’s textmeback.org text and chat hotline is a dynamic new textline service for youth and adults to access help via text messaging on mobile devices or chat via web browser on any platform. Contact textmeback.org for issues involving drug abuse, domestic violence, bullying and other issues involving personal safety, mental health services, housing (or shelter), concerns about the well-being of loved ones, crisis situations, education, and questions about resources in the Ulster County community.

Family of Woodstock has been known for reliable and supportive crisis hotline work since 1970. textmeback.org textline is an additional option that users have in reaching out for the support and information that Family has traditionally offered over the phone. These benefits include being accessible to those without calling capabilities, discreet usage and a written record of support, information, and referrals. Historically, Family has served people in all walks of life and our creation of a textline is the next step to continue this tradition.

The intervention that Family of Woodstock provides focuses on the client and is non-directive in nature. Based in the theory of psychologist Carl Rogers, the support volunteers and paid staff practice is unconditionally positive and based in the belief that clients best inform their own path towards wellness. The texters are made up of both paid and volunteer staff who have a wealth of knowledge both from trainings and years of experience answering the agency’s 24 hour crisis hotline.

textmeback-cardsThe scope of the hotline is as wide as the motto of the organization implies: “Any Problem Under The Sun.” In addition to crisis intervention services, textmeback.org is a way to access information, referrals, and serve as a resource that will always respond to the needs of the texter. Confidentiality and privacy are essential to the work that Family of Woodstock provides, and remain important aspects of this new texting service.

Incorporating texting support into the services that Family already provides expands the agency’s reach into the community and accessibility throughout the county. Committed to a non-judgmental approach, textmeback.org is respectful of users from all backgrounds and remains invested in practicing cultural sensitivity and competence.

If you are interested in becoming a textmeback.org volunteer, please email fowh@familyofwoodstockinc.org or call the hotline (845) 338-2370 for more information and to sign up for training.

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