Preventing Homelessness

If you are homeless and looking for assistance, we are here to help.

The homeless people in our communities can be unemployed or working, have families or be alone, have had a place to live until an emergency or have been moving from place to place for years. FAMILY has been providing emergency shelter and helping people of all kinds into stable housing beginning in the early 1970’s.

The  Darmstadt Shelter and FAMILY Inn offer emergency, temporary shelter and home-finding services to families and individuals. The FAMILY Shelter provides separate, secure housing, counseling, and court advocacy for women and children affected by domestic violence. Are You Being Abused? See our Ending Domestic Violence pages for a detailed description of FAMILY’s shelter and other services.

Under 21? Check our Just for Teens pages for complete information on housing options!

FAMILY can help prevent homelessness, too. Financial crises brought on by substance abuse, illness, loss of work or unstable housing can bring a family to the brink of homelessness. Our bi-lingual Adult Case Management staff helps people find homes, succeed in rehab programs, and apply for public assistance, Medicaid or other benefits. They advocate for individuals with employment, housing, medical and immigration issues.

Whether you’re an adult or a young person, FAMILY can help you to get back on your feet.

FAMILY’S Programs Fighting Homelessness
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