Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)

To participate in CACFP you must be licensed or registered by the State of New York as a Family or Group Family Day Care Home, or be enrolled with the local Department of Social Services to provide legally exempt care. There is NO COST to enroll in the program and you must have at least one child in care.

To begin the enrollment process you should call the Council at (845) 331-7080 (Ulster)/ (518) 822-1944 (Columbia & Greene) and a representative will ask you a few simple questions about your program. At that time an initial visit in your home will be scheduled. This visit will help you understand the program and the KidKare website you will be using. Once all the state-mandated paperwork is completed you may begin claiming meals.

As a participant in CACFP you will be eligible to receive 1 of 2 reimbursement rates. Tier 1 rates are paid to homes located in low-income areas and to low-income providers. Meals or snacks served to children who are eligible for free and reduced school meals also receive Tier 1 rates. The current rates through June 2022 are:

TIER 1 $1.40 $.78 $2.63
TIER 2 $.51 $.21 $1.59


You may be reimbursed for up to:

2 meals (breakfast, lunch or supper) and 1 snack daily
2 snacks and 1 meal (breakfast, lunch or supper) daily

Meal Requirements are

    • Milk
    • Vegetable, Fruit or 100% Fruit Juice
    • Bread or Bread Alternate

    • Milk
    • Meat/ Meat Alternative
    • Vegetable, Fruit or 100% Fruit Juice
    • Bread or Bread Alternate
    • Milk
    • Meat / Meat Alternate
    • (Two) Vegetable and/or Fruit
    • Bread or Bread Alternate

Welcome to CACFP

NYS Child and Adult Food Program (CACFP) has developed a web based training designed for day care home providers to obtain or renew their Breastfeeding Friendly (BFF) designation.

To obtain or renew your BFF designation you need to:

  • View the training and complete the quiz
  • Print out the certificate from the training
  • Print and complete the Breastfeeding Friendly Day Care Home self-assessment
  • Submit the training certificate and self-assessment to your CACFP program Sponsor



2021 CACFP provider handbook