Washbourne House

Washbourne House
Washbourne House

PO Box 3817
Kingston, NY   12402
(845) 679-2485 / 338-2370

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Staff: 6 full time / 5 part-time

Program Director:  Karen Storch
Assistant Program Director: Jessica LaFera

Program Hours: 24 Hour Access through the county-wide hotline and text line.

Call Our 24 Hour Hotline At:
845 338-2370
845 647-2443
845 679-2485
845 255-8801

For Support  Groups Call :
845 331-7080

Spanish Speaking Domestic Violence Services:
Call  – 845-331-7080

Family Court Advocacy:
Call Lyuba at (845) 481-9465 or email courtadvocate@familyofwoodstockinc.org.

PRIMARY FUNCTION: To provide safe shelter and comprehensive trauma informed services to survivors of domestic violence and their children.

ANCILLARY SERVICES: Counseling (individual and group); case management; domestic violence support and education groups; Department of Social Service domestic violence waiver evaluations; recreation and education for children; parenting support and education; assistance in finding transitional and permanent housing; transportation; referrals and advocacy to access medical and mental health treatment; food pantry for residents as part of aftercare.

2019 found us continuing to deal with clients that had multiple needs. While exposure to domestic violence continues to be the defining characteristic of our residents, we also now are serving an increasing number of clients who are struggling with addiction and mental health related challenges. These challenges, which frequently occur as a result of the trauma of domestic violence, complicate the work and add to the emotional energy that is required to create a safe and healthy community. We have found our occupancy numbers impacted by complications related to substance abuse and communal living. Namely, we have moved away from housing any single clients with families. This decision was made in response to a series of clients who were actively engaged in substance abuse (that did not report this accurately during their screen) and then were determined to be unsafe to house with children. The Washbourne House remains committed to the safety and health of our clients as our number one priority.

2019 provided rich opportunities for learning about our ability to respond to individuals who were in crisis. We recommitted ourselves to thoughtful practice around the emotional and physical safety of the shelter. We recognize that we were able to act swiftly in situations that threatened to disrupt our sense of safety and security. Balancing the needs of the community (both clients and staff) against the needs of each individual client continues to be the hardest part of our work and likely the most important too. Strengthening the bonds between our residents, our staff, and each to each other is no doubt the most difficult and most rewarding part of this work. We remain hopeful about the healing benefits of these connections and hope that the coming year provides more opportunities for us to create healthy and clear relationships with our clients and each other.