Family House

(Confidential Location)
Rosendale, NY 12472

Mailing Address:
PO Box 3516
Kingston, NY 12402

(845) 338-5953

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Staff: 11 full-time/4 part-time

Program Director: Cynthia B. Bennett
Assistant Program Director: Kielawan Ahmed

Program Hours: Access to the shelter is available 24 hours a day.

PRIMARY FUNCTIONS: Emergency shelter for up to 14 runaway and homeless youth, ages 12 – 17, for an initial stay of up to 30 days, and an additional 30 days approved by the Ulster County Runaway Coordinator. By regulation, parental consent is not required for the first 30 day stay. Previously, the program was granted two waivers by the NYS OCFS from licensing requirements, allowing the program to serve one 18 year old at a time for up to one week in the first floor bedroom, and to serve a parenting youth and his/her infant/toddler. The ages of youth served and waivers have changed as a result of new regulations on the both New York State and Federal levels. As to 18 year olds, while our Darmstadt Shelter does provide ongoing safe shelter and support services to 18 year olds and older, there have been occasions when a particularly vulnerable youth turns 18 while at Family House. If the program is able to identify a permanent housing placement for that youth within the next week after turning 18, we have previously been allowed shelter at Family House. We are applying for a waiver to continue to be allowed to provide this service in instances where the makeup of the current residents safely allows.

ANCILLARY SERVICES: Individual, family, and group counseling for all clients; life skills training; access and advocacy for educational, medical, legal, mental health and substance abuse services; services for youth involved in the juvenile justice/Family Court systems; and aftercare services.

Family House did not receive the HHS grant this year to support the program’s runaway and homeless youth. However, the program received a STEHP Grant from NYS OTDA to help supplement some of the financial loss. In addition, the program has been awarded new money from the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation and has hired an Aftercare worker to help support youth and their families exiting the program, and provide a warm-off and continued support for youth entering an institutional placement. The new worker will also outreach to and strengthen our connections to community service providers and schools that may need our assistance.

We also have a Title I tutor- he is here 2 hours a day month. During the school year he helps the kids with their work. He plans a backup activity if they don’t have work or sets aside the last 30 min to an hour for an Enrichment Activity. He has had them make lava lamps after discussing chemical reactions, build towers after discussing physics, etc.