Parent Satisfaction Survey

    This survey will help us improve our services.

    Zip code you reside in:

    Ages of children in your household:

    *Describe main care taker(s) in your household?
    Single parentTwo parentsTeen parentGrandparentOther relative

    *What concerns you most when looking for child care?
    CostLocationQualityAvailability of hours/daysSize of group

    *When working, what type of child care do you need?
    Full day (more than 6 hours)Part day (less than 6 hours)Evening Overnight WeekendBefore & after schoolSummer only

    Do you worry about your children while in care? Y/N (please explain)

    *Who cares for your children when they are ill, school is closed, or it is a holiday?
    Child care programSelf/ other parentRelative/friend outside of the home

    Has anyone in your household/family had to take time off or quit a job because of child care problems? Y/N (Please explain)

    *When paying for child care with your current employment, what is the maximum you can afford? (Based on full time weekly care)

    Would you be interested in attending a workshop on any of the following topics? (Check all that apply)
    Behavioral issuesHealth & SafetySocial emotional developmentParent/ provider relationsAge appropriate activitiesLanguage/ literacy issues

    Please specify what days & times you may be available to attend a workshop on topics chosen above? (Please select day and time)

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