Restorative and Juvenile Justice Services

Restorative and Juvenile Justice Services Staff
Restorative and Juvenile Justice Services Staff

The Youth Case Management Program’s Restorative and Juvenile Justice Services include:

  • Developing Adolescent Social Harmonies (STSJP Funding): provides case management services for youth at risk of detention or at risk of involvement in the Juvenile Justice system. 
  • One80: One80 is a Restorative Justice program that targets youth ages 7-17, utilizing a Restorative Justice Conference model which often includes a planned face-to-face meeting between the youth being referred and those they have directly and indirectly affected. The program trains local individuals to serve on Juvenile Community Accountability Boards (JCABs), which run the conference and assist in the development of a plan for the youth to make amends for their actions. The conference aims to provide everyone an opportunity to discuss how they have been affected by the act or behavior and agree on how the youth referred should repair any harm caused or relationships affected. Youth are referred in lieu of the Family Court Process or as an alternative to or reduction in suspension at school.
  • Restorative Ulster –  a Restorative Justice program in collaboration with Ulster County Probation and the District Attorney’s office. This program serves young adults ages 18 to 26 facing misdemeanor or non-violent felony charges.
  • Restorative Justice School Coordinator – The Restorative School Coordinator is a new position funded by Ulster County that seeks to provide schools with support around the integration of Restorative Justice Practices. 

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Service Locations:
Family of Kingston, 31 Albany Avenue, Kingston
Family of New Paltz, 51 North Chestnut St., New Paltz
Family of Ellenville, 221 Canal St., Ellenville

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