Restorative Justice School Coordinator

Coordinators: Maria Scarangella and Briana Mangram

Restorative Justice School Coordinator- The Restorative School Coordinator is a new position funded by Ulster County that seeks to provide schools with support around the integration of Restorative Justice Practices. We are currently working with Kingston, Saugerties, Ellenville and Wallkill school districts. The RJ Coordinator is housed in the schools and is available to do the following: Facilitate restorative practices with students, parents, teachers, school staff, and community members as an alternative to out of school suspension; coordinate the re-entry of students returning from discipline and incarceration through restorative practices to increase access to wraparound supports and connection to school site staff and resources; facilitate restorative mediation circles and community based circles for students; provide professional development for students and staff; offer Restorative and SEL based support for students acting out in the classroom; and act as a county liaison to connect students with additional services.