Family Support Services

This program works with youth 16 – 25 who have both mental health and substance abuse issues. It is staffed with 3 full-time Family Support Care Coordinators who are all parents of a child with special needs. One staff person has been trained as a trainer in the Nurturing Parenting Curriculum and the curriculum is being incorporated as a framework for a parent support group. Parents Supporting Parents began in early 2015 and is offered twice a month in Kingston and New Paltz. One staff person has completed the Parents Empowerment Program and is working towards obtaining the Family Peer Advocate Credential from New York State.

The program can assist with applications for SSI/SSD, SPOA/DDSO Housing, Emergency Housing, TA/Food Stamps/Medicaid, Long Term Case Management, Employment and advancing employability, Community College, FASFA, VESID, obtaining life skills, addressing health care issues, legal advocacy and support.

Service Locations:
Family of Kingston, 31 Albany Avenue, Kingston
Family of New Paltz, 51 North Chestnut St., New Paltz
Family of Ellenville, 221 Canal St., Ellenville

(845) 331-7080 / 338-2370 after hours
Program Hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Mon – Fri