Youth Anger Management Groups

10882244_10152953182041108_8094147413307126256_n39 John Street
Kingston, NY

(845) 331-7080 / 338-2370 after hours

Program Hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Mon – Fri

The Youth Anger Management Groups have been successful in reaching adolescents and helping them to define their triggers and control their behavior. The youth anger management curriculum was developed many years ago based on the Alternatives to Violence Program run in many of our state prisons. It has been extremely successful in reaching adolescents, helping them to define their triggers and control their behavior, and preventing initial or further involvement in the criminal justice system.

Trained facilitators use the A-B-C (Action, Behavior, Consequence) model to walk teens through each conflict situation by identifying a trigger (A), response (B) and consequence (C). This method of evaluating helps to enforce the method of thinking before reacting to a conflictive situation. In addition, the Keep Your Cool Curriculum has been implemented into the groups, which is also divided into three parts, focusing on Anger Triggers and Cues, Anger Styles and Handling Anger. This year, there was also some integration of DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) into some of the anger management groups in Kingston. There was a focus on assisting the youth in becoming more mindful in the moment and thinking about their choices and learning from the consequences of these choices. The program receives referrals from the Ulster County Probation Department, Ulster County justice courts and police agencies, Ulster County Department of Social Services including the Coordinated Children’s Services, Preventive, and Child Protective Services divisions, the Youth Advocate Program, foster care programs, Ulster County area schools, parents and adolescents themselves. The program has also been a significant outreach tool to identify youth and families requiring additional supports.

If you or someone you know would benefit from participating in these programs, please contact 845 331 7080 x 152 for more information.