Child Care Services

Child Care ConnectionsChild Care Connections is a Child Care Resource and Referral Agency, serving Columbia, Greene, and Ulster Counties.

The Family’s Child Care Council was established in 1984 to provide child care resource and referral services in Ulster County under contract to Work/Family Directions. Prior to that Family of Woodstock Inc. ran a family day care training project for the Ulster County Department of Social Services, as well as sponsoring a licensed child care center and after-school program. The Child Care Council participated as a subcontractor in the first family day care training project awarded to the New York State Child Care Coordinating Council by New York State Department of Social Services. In 1988, the Child Care Council expanded services to Columbia and Greene Counties and became the publicly funded child care resource and referral service for the tri-county area.

Since that time, Child Care Connections has been doing child care referrals, training of child care providers, sponsor of the Child and Adult Care Food Program as well as register and inspect family day care and school age child care programs in all three counties.

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