Family of Woodstock

Family of Woodstock
Family of Woodstock

16 Rock City Road
Woodstock, NY   12498
(845) 679-2485 / 338-2370

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Staff:  Crisis Hotline – 3 full-time / 7 part-time / 60 Volunteers

Team Leader: Tamara Cooper
Program Director: Sue Carroll

Program Hours: Crisis Hotline – 24 hrs. /365 days
Walk-ins – 9:30am to 9:30pm; 24 hours in emergencies
Textmeback Textline – 7 days a week, 5:00am to 1:00am

PRIMARY FUNCTIONS: Crisis intervention; emergency short-term counseling; information and referral; case management; care coordination; emergency food; access to emergency housing; after hours, weekend and holiday coverage for many county, state and local agencies; emergency textline for crisis and information and referrals; emergency resources in situations such as homelessness, lack of fuel or utilities, lack of food, or emergency transportation for the Ulster County Department of Social Services; facilitation of the evidence based suicide prevention programs SafeTALK and ASIST and evidence based counseling programs, Mental Health First Aid and Youth Mental Health First Aid. This hotline also serves as the 24-hour access point for Family’s Domestic Violence, Homeless, and Runaway and Homeless Youth shelters.

Food closet; free store (clothing, furniture and household items); public rest room; free public telephone for local calls and long distance in emergencies; message services; client advocacy; employment file; motel placements for individuals and families unable to be served by Family’s shelters; volunteer transportation; community bulletin boards; and host- site for other community programs and initiatives. The program provides food and gifts to families and individuals during the major holidays. Local schools and courts use the program as a placement for community service and it serves as a placement for interns from local colleges and graduate schools. Program staff are active in the town’s Emergency Management Committee and the program had a generator donated by Ulster County Mental Health Department that enables it to provide ongoing assistance during emergencies. Refrigeration for medications, electricity to charge cell phones and computers and space to get warm or cool off are all available to the community. Also offered is assistance to residents in applying for benefits on- line. As applying for services on-line has become more common, our staff is trained to assist clients in accessing resources via the internet. A new addition to this is our expanded supportive case management. We have begun a collaboration with RCAL in which a case manager comes to our program once a month to assist clients with applying for benefits in a setting where they feel safe and is more easily accessible for those who are unable to access transportation. Finally, the program plays an integral part in the delivery of mental and physical health services in the county by operating as the on-call resource for Ulster County Mental Health, Astor Family Services, Family Services of the Hudson Valley, Rockland Children’s Psychiatric Services, the Institute for Family Health and the Ulster County Health Home. The program operates the answering service for several AA districts.

Family of Woodstock continues to be an integral part of the community. Relationships with town agencies such as local police have become more collaborative in recent years, reflecting the importance of community based organizations to fill the gaps created by the reduction of available government services and resources. Program leadership has been meeting with the town supervisor of Woodstock to partner with the town to address the needs of the increasing homeless population and the lack of affordable housing in Woodstock.

As our community has been impacted by the ongoing opiate epidemic, Family in conjunction with other local organizations and agencies is developing the capacity to respond to overdose emergencies through training individuals in the delivery of Narcan, an antidote to an opioid overdose. Working with OASAS to deliver community trainings and to develop our own cadre of trainers, Family is actively promoting this harm reduction strategy.

Family has partnered with Health Alliance of the Hudson Valley to deliver Youth Mental Health First Aid throughout Ulster and Delaware Counties. A 3 year grant will pay for 2 trainings a month and allow many groups to access this important training.

Integrate Ulster, a new county wide initiative addressing an improved method of working with individuals and families with complex needs in a welcoming, empathetic way emphasizing resilience and recovery, is another recent development. Family joins many other county agencies and organizations in implementing this initiative.

The town of Woodstock established a Human Rights Committee to address any issues of potential violations of the rights of its community members. Family had a presence in the development of this committee and is a partnering member, represented by Team Leader Salvador Altamirano-Segura.

Due to the increasing food insecurity in the county, we have seen a large increase in meals served to consumers of our services who might otherwise not have access to a warm nutritious meal. To this end, Family has recently installed a walk in cooler to store food to supplement the food pantries in the western end of the county. Produce and donated dairy products can be shared with other pantries as a result of this addition.

A continuing addition to our annual Thanksgiving dinner is the use of a local business, Zero to Go. With their help, we have reduced our carbon footprint, generating only 2 bags of garbage while feeding over 500 people. With the help of the community in collecting a thousand sets of silverware, we have further reduced our footprint.