Darmstadt Shelter

Family Staff outside the Darmstadt Shelter, Kingston, 2009
Family Staff outside the Darmstadt Shelter, Kingston, 2009

40 Thomas Street
Kingston, NY   12401
(845) 331-1395

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Staff:  10 full-time / 1 part-time

Program Director: Liz Bahr
Assistant Program Directors/Services: John Alexander, Christina Basden
Assistant Program Director/Facilities:  Peter Bazzani

Program Hours:  24-Hour Access

PRIMARY FUNCTIONS:   Emergency shelter (up to 90 days) for up to 23 men and women. Housing and services for men and women participating in daily substance abuse and/or mental health programming, who need a clean and sober living environment. The program also provides Intensive Homeless Supervision, including supervision and support to individuals at risk of requiring a higher level of care or supervision and those involved in the criminal justice system.

ANCILLARY SERVICES:   Crisis counseling; case management; information and referrals; linkages to other county and private agencies’ programming; parenting education; information on identifying domestic violence; life skills training; legal consultation referrals; educational advancement; domestic violence classes for both men and women; acupuncture, massage, and other holistic health care services delivered on premises by practitioners from Health Care is a Human Right; free haircuts; free clothing exchange; assistance in locating clean and sober housing; transportation; and after care and homelessness prevention services. The Learning Station is an accessory building providing space for classes, and allowing clients access to computers for such tasks as job and housing searches. The program provides drug testing at the request of the Probation or Parole Departments or when it appears that a resident has violated the drug policy and needs to be tested. Leadership of the program also provide administration for the Supervised Visitation program.

In 2017, the program provided a tremendous amount of service to a large number of individuals. However, the program has greater capacity than is being utilized. While the program averaged 16.4 individuals per night, with the addition of bunk beds, the program has the capacity to serve 23. Recently, the NYS Office of Children and Family Services has created a designation of runaway and homeless young adults, targeting individuals 21-24 years old. Since the agency does not have a shelter for individuals over 18, Darmstadt serves individuals 18-24, who by OCFS definition are homeless youth or young adults. The agency will be discussing with the Youth Bureau and County leadership the possibility of creating a specialized program targeting 18-24 year old youth and young adults.