Health Care Consultant

The Health Care Consultants on staff at Child Care Connections, can help you through the steps to become approved to administer medication at your program free of charge. All programs with the capacity to care for infants and toddlers and/or administering medication must have a Health Care Consultant on record. The Health Care Consultant must approve your Health Care Plan, conduct a site visit and will continue to be available for technical assistance and training.

In addition, our Health Care Consultant can…

  • Answer questions about common child care health issues.
  • Review current health care plans.
  • Assist with the development of health care policies and writing of health care plans.
  • Help caregivers accommodate children with special needs and complete Individualized Health Care Plans.
  • Offer Medication Administration Training (MAT).
  • Tailor both telephone and on-site consultations to your individual needs.
  • Support all modalities of child care in their efforts to provide a safe and healthy environment for the children they serve.

Do you have questions about…

  • Immunizations?
  • Head lice?
  • Exclusion criteria?
  • Outbreaks of common childhood illness?
  • Enrolling a child with special health care needs?
  • Infections Control procedures?

For more information call:

MARGARET L. GAGNON, RN, MS, CNS                                                             


ANNE GRUNBAUM RN, BSN                                                   

845 246-1667

845 399-1416 (cell)

AUDREY POTTINGER RN, CHCC                                                    

845 532 0038 (Cell)