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Child care is a constant concern for working parents. Employees who are uncertain about the person caring for their children are distracted, less reliable and less productive. Studies have shown that child care problem can lead to tardiness, absenteeism, higher turnover rate, higher recruiting and training costs.

Child Care Connections serving Columbia, Greene and Ulster Counties maintains an up to date database of legal child care providers in the three counties. Skilled parent referral and consumer education managers are available to parents FREE of charge to assist with their child care search. The parent referral manager can either come to your business and meet with the employees in person, can talk with the parents over the phone or through email. The manager explains to parents the different types of child care and what to look for when searching for a safe, quality setting for their children. They offer parents child care referrals to available legal child care programs, provide information about child care subsidies and offer interested parents help to determine eligibility for financial assistance.

Print County specific for your employees:

Columbia County CCAP for business 2022 

Columbia County CCAP 2022

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Greene County CCAP 2022

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As a local business owner we are hoping you will be able to assist Child Care Connections, a program of Family of Woodstock, Inc. and the Mid Hudson Valley Region with a quick survey regarding your employees and their child care needs.
Reliable, affordable, quality child care plays a pivotal role in employee reliability, productivity, and retention. It also improves the education and skills of children, helping to develop the future workforce employers will need.
The six nonprofit child care resource and referral agencies of the Mid-Hudson Valley Region, working with the Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Council, want to know more about the child care challenges employees face, and the level of resources employers currently have available to help them meet those challenges.
Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. Your answers will be kept confidential and responses will be aggregated for analysis and reporting.
You can also visit our new Hudson Valley Child Care webpage.  This page is quick access for your employees to reach our free services when searching for child care or parenting resources.
Thank you for participating in this survey your feedback helps our agency offer your employees better services, which will ultimately assist in your business’ success.

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