Family of Woodstock and its home-sharing program, HomeShare Woodstock, have partnered with the Kingston Housing Task Force to assess the interest in expanding the home sharing program to Kingston.

HomeShare Woodstock is in its third year and there are more than 60 home sharing programs throughout the United States. Home sharing programs help people remain in their homes and to age in place. For the home seeker, the program provides an alternative housing option that is affordable and that values their skills. Home sharing offers the proven benefits of living with others that include increased peace of mind, better health, feelings of safety and security, less anxiety and greater happiness.

We want to find out if home sharing might be part of the solution for Kingston’s current housing emergency. The survey is created to learn whether there is interest in a home sharing program from both potential home providers and home seekers. The survey is brief and it is not a commitment for participation.

Kingston residents or people considering relocating to the city are encouraged to complete the survey online:

HomeShare Kingston Survey:

Home sharing is a mutually beneficial way to address the affordable housing crisis. By connecting homeowners who have extra space with renters, home sharing is one proven way to help both groups who are burdened by housing costs. With a solid “match,” home sharing helps homeowners gain extra income and receive help with tasks while providing an affordable rental for someone in the community.

HomeShare Woodstock is the state’s first free home sharing program outside New York City. As part of Family of Woodstock, HomeShare Woodstock is currently serving towns in the northern part of Ulster County. As of February 2024, HomeShare Woodstock has seven successful matches benefitting eighteen people. HomeShare Woodstock works hard to make successful matches and follows them, helping with any issues that may come up. HomeShare Woodstock has consulted with dozens of the more than sixty programs in the United States to create its model, and is now helping other communities explore home sharing.