Ulster County is providing up to three months’ rent with a maximum assistance amount of $3,000 for renters directly impacted by COVID-19.  RUPCO is administering the program on behalf of Ulster County.  Funding will serve approx. 50 households.

Renters outside the City of Kingston are eligible to apply.  Applications are available on line at

Paper Applications are also available at the drop box at RUPCO’s 289 Fair Street Location.

Household income limits for the program are listed below.  Households at or below 60% area median income will receive priority and a lottery will determine who receives assistance.

See Applicant Eligibility Requirements Below.  * The City of Kingston receives a direct allocation of similar funds therefore County CDBG funds must be utilized outside the City. 

Applicant Eligibility Requirements

  • Household income limits are listed below. Those earning at or below the highlighted column will be prioritized.
  • Proof of loss or reduction of income related to COVID-19 is required
  • A lease or rental agreement is required
  • Applicant(s) must be current on rent as of March 1, 2020
  • Renters in the City of Kingston are not eligible*
  • Tenants living in RUPCO properties are not eligible
  • Renters receiving ongoing rental assistance, such as Section 8 are not eligible
Household size12345678
80% AMI46,90053,60060,30066,95072,35077,70083,05088,400
60% AMI35,16040,20045,24050,22054,24058,26062,28066,300

Call or e-mail Sally Dolan at 845-331-9860 ext 227 orsdolan@rupco.org if you have questions or require assistance completing the application

The deadline for applications is June 12, 2020, but applicants will have until Monday June 22, 2020 to submit required documentation.

A lottery will be held on Tuesday June 23, 2020 that will determine who receives assistance.