On Friday, May 17, our MidWay I Transitional Living youth shelter in Kingston experienced an accidental fire in a resident’s bedroom. Thankfully, the resident was not present at the time and no one was injured. Our deep gratitude goes out to the City of Kingston Fire Department for their very quick response that prevented a total loss of the building.

But there was significant damage. Beyond the room in which the fire was contained, smoke damaged several others. Water made its way to the floor below and impacting the staff office. Our staff is working around the clock to clean and repair the spaces while also supporting the youth, ensuring that they have temporary housing, attend school, and remain well-nourished.

Thankfully, insurance should cover the physical damage caused by the fire. However, several of the youth currently calling MidWay their home lost clothing, personal items, keepsakes, and more. We are creating a fund so that they can use the money to restore their sense of comfort in their MidWay rooms. In a sense, this is a silver lining for them as they will get to see first-hand how compassionate our surrounding community can be in times of crisis. That your generosity will be directed toward them will go a long way to restoring their sense of hope.

Thank you in advance for whatever you can contribute.

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