Family’s Executive Director Acknowledged as Leading Affordable Housing Advocate/Activist

He won! And we are so proud.

Family of Woodstock Executive Director Michael Berg received the most Chronogrammie votes in the Affordable Housing Advocate/Activist category. Since Family’s founding in 1970, Michael and staff have engaged daily with people who are challenged by housing costs and the lack of affordable options. Always a champion for those struggling with housing issues, Michael has overseen the creation of six shelters through Ulster County. These shelters provide housing for single adults, runaway/homeless adolescents, families with children, and domestic violence survivors.

This works was not done alone. Hundreds of staff and volunteers have helped provide shelter options. Hundreds more have provided financial support so that we can continue to operate the shelters and provide much needed services to our clients.

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Thank you and…Way to go Michael! Our community has benefited in tremendously because of your hard work and commitment!

Michael Berg with Artist Rendering of the 164-unit
Golden Hill Affordable Housing Project, opening in 2026