Birthday Fundraiser Instructions

  1. Visit Crowdrise’s Birthday Fundraising Link
  2. Click “Start a Birthday Fundraiser”
  3. Select “Raise Money for Charity”

  4. You’ll now be asked to sign up for Crowdrise, if you don’t already have an account.
  5. Create your fundraiser!
    1. Choose a title – Something like “Jim’s birthday wish for Family of Woodstock!” – or whatever you’d like!
    2. Set a goal – We recommend $500 – $2000 as a starting point
    3. Write a description – Let your friends know why you chose Family of Woodstock. Feel free to mention any of our 19 programs fighting Domestic Violence, Poverty, Addiction, Homelessness and so much more, or the more than 100,000 families or individuals we served in 2016, or that we’re the oldest continuously operating crisis hotline in the United States.
  6. Upload a photo – Feel free to use one of these:
  7. Choose “Family of Woodstock” as the charity – Search for “Family of Woodstock” as the charity.

  8. Now your campaign is live, but don’t stop yet!
  9. You need to share your Birthday Wish with your friends and family!
    1. Click “Share on Facebook” – Be sure to write a note to your Facebook friends about why you’d like them to make a donation to Family of Woodstock for your birthday.
    2. Click “Share on Twitter” – Can you tell your friends about your birthday wish in 140 characters or less?
    3. Email your friends – Not everyone uses Facebook or Twitter, be sure to email your friends and family to make sure they know about your Birthday Wish for Family of Woodstock!
    4. Copy, Paste, and Share – to anywhere on the web!
  10. Congrats! Your campaign is live!
    1. You can track your campaign by visiting: