parentssupportingparentsService Locations:
Family of Kingston, 39 John Street, Kingston
Family of New Paltz, 51 North Chestnut St., New Paltz
Family of Ellenville, 221 Canal St., Ellenville

Program Hours: 9:00am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Program supervisory staff are available 24 hours a day through the county-wide hotline.

For more information contact Tori at (845) 331-7080 x146 / 338-2370 after hours

Family’s youth case management staff has assisted parents with mental health counseling; case management; domestic violence counseling; adult support group referral; court advocacy; and skill building on effective parenting. One staff person has been trained as a trainer in the Nurturing Parenting Curriculum and the curriculum is being incorporated as a framework for a parent support group. Parents Supporting Parents began in early 2015 and is offered twice a month in Kingston and New Paltz. One staff person has completed the Parents Empowerment Program and is working towards obtaining the Family Peer Advocate Credential from New York State.