2017 Woodstock Guitar Sculpture Exhibition

Memorial Day thru Columbus Day
5/20/17 – 10/8/17

To benefit Family of Woodstock Crisis Hotline’s Text Me Back Program

Family’s Crisis Hotline is happy to be partnering with Rennie Cantine once again to co-produce the 2017 Woodstock Guitar Sculpture Exhibition and Auction. Proceeds of the project, after expenses, will go to the artist (40%), Family of Woodstock’s Text Me Back Program (50%) and the John Herald Fund for musicians in need (10%).

Businesses, individuals and artists are invited to create a guitar shaped art piece using a wooden template provided. This year, we are offering three templates styled after guitar bodies designed by Woodstock luthier, Conor Wenk. Guitars will be displayed throughout Woodstock Memorial Day weekend thru Columbus Day weekend 2017. All pieces will be labelled with the artist and sponsor names and title of the work. At the end of the exhibition, the guitars will be auctioned at The Colony Cafe on Sunday, October 8.

For more information or to get an application, please email: lbielawa@gmail.com